Mesa 10.3

È uscita la versione 10.3 di Mesa. Di seguito l'annuncio in inglese con le caratteristiche di questa nuova versione.

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Wayland & Weston 1.6 Released

The latest quarterly update to Wayland and its Weston compositor are now available! Wayland/Weston 1.6.0 is another important milestone now crossed in delivering a next-generation Linux display experience

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KDevelop 4.7.0 Released

Today, the KDevelop team is proud to announce the final release of KDevelop 4.7.0. It is, again, a huge step forwards compared to the last release in terms of stability, performance and polishedness

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Looking for Qt Champions!

A Qt Champion is a recognized superhero of the Qt Community. You’ll be able to identify Qt Champions online and at Qt events.

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qbs 1.3.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of qbs 1.3.0 today. Qbs, or Qt Build Suite, is a general cross-platform build tool that uses a language similar to QML for project description. Qbs can be used for any software project, whether it is written in Qt or not and it simplifies the build process for developing projects across multiple platforms.

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Adding LGPL v3 to Qt

20 years ago, Trolltech, the company that created Qt, was founded. One of its founding principles was to release Qt as free software to the open source community. In the early versions, this was limited to Unix/Linux and the X11 windowing system. Over the years, more and more platforms were included into the open source version of Qt.

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Linux Growth Demands Bigger Talent Pool

Today at LinuxCon and CloudOpen we're making an announcement that signifies the natural next step in helping to build a qualified talent pool of Linux professionals worldwide: The Linux Foundation Certification Program.

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Qt Creator 3.2.0 released

We are happy to announce the Qt Creator 3.2.0 release today. This release adds many smaller and larger features, as well as fixing bugs. A few examples

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digiKam Software Collection 4.2.0 released

The digiKam Team is proud to announce the release of digiKam Software Collection 4.2.0. This release includes important features to simplify photograph workflow

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KDE Frameworks 5 Makes KDE Software More Accessible for all Qt Developers

Today, the KDE community has made available the first stable release of Frameworks 5.

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