Qt 5.7 Beta

Qt 5.7 Beta is now released and available for your feedback. There is a lot to review – new modules, leveraging C 11 features, and the new unified product structure, which is now the same for both commercial and open source versions.

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Qt Creator 4.0 RC1

We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.0 RC1 ! I’d like to refer you to the beta blog post for an overview of the new features coming in the 4.0 release.

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ModemManager 1.6-rc3 released

Today ModemManager 1.6-rc3 has been released, the third release candidate towards the 1.6 official release. ModemManager is the de facto standard Linux software for controlling mobile broadband devices and connections.

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Opening new horizons at QtDay Italy 2016

With the mixture of Qt-in-use sessions and technical talks, Qt Day Italy might rightfully remind you of Qt Days in other parts of the world.

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Qt Virtual Keyboard support on Hawaii

As part of the recent licensing change announcement, Qt Virtual Keyboard is now available also with GPLv3 license for Open Source users in addition to commercial Qt licensees.

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Wayland update: ASCII Art rendering

without much further ado I’m happy to announce the caca platform for KWin:

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Richard Stallman a Monza!

Richard Stallman parlerà in un incontro pubblico il 28 Maggio 2016 a Monza! Accorrete numerosi!

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Qt Creator 4.0 Beta

We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.0 Beta. As announced earlier this year, starting with this release Qt Creator will be available under commercial license terms and GLPv3 (with exceptions).

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Qt on Android: How to create a zero-copy Android SurfaceTexture QML item

In this tutorial we’re going to see how easy it is to create a media player using this QML item and the Android’s Media player. We’re going to use Android’s MediaPlayer, to exercise our JNI skills ;-).

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KDAB contributions to Qt 5.6

Qt 5.6 has just been released! Packed with incredible new features, 5.6 is also the first long term support release of Qt: it will be supported for the next 3 years, giving developers a solid foundation for their current and upcoming projects.

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