Efficiency Matters

It’s every programmer’s worst nightmare. Your beautiful app is running at a snail’s pace, crippled by virtual memory swapping. Even worse, you’ve added one last bitmap resource, and suddenly unrelated chunks of the UX aren’t showing up

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Embedding QML: Why, Where, and How

If you’re already using QML in Qt, you know that it can help quickly create flexible user interfaces using little or no C programming. With a basic text file and some JavaScript logic, you can put together a pretty sophisticated interface like that shown in the Qt Quick Clock demo (below) with a minimum of fuss. But did you know you can compress your plainly readable QML and hide it away inside a binary?

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My new widget in Frameworks

Acting like QGroupBox it allows you to hide some of the more advanced options out the way till the user expands the header revealing the rest. A common web pattern, but lacking in Qt or KF5.

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How to integrate OpenGL code with Qt Quick 2 applications (part 1)

“Integrating OpenGL with Qt Quick 2 applications”. In my session I showed different ways of integrating custom OpenGL code within a Qt Quick 2 application.

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Considerazioni sulla qualità di Plasma 5

Settimana scorsa ci sono state critiche su internet riguardo la qualità di KDE Plasma 5. La risposta di Martin Gräßlin

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Linux's Torvalds: ARM-Based Laptops Will Be Big in 2016

Linux creator and open source programmer Linus Torvalds spoke recently about ARM-based laptops, kernel security and more.

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Firefox addon for kwallet KDE5

Firefox stores its passwords internally, optionally protected by a master password. KDE has its own password manager called KWallet. KWallet stores every password in the KDE system, and protects access by a master password. With this extension you are able to use KWallet instead of the default Firefox password manager. It allows tighter integration of Firefox inside KDE5.

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Top Secret - a game about the Snowden leaks

A fictional detective story overlaid on real world events, Top Secret’s branching narrative takes you into the heart of the NSA.

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Qt for Native Client (and emscripten)

Qt for Native client has been in development for a while, and I’m pleased to announce that the project again has reached working status: running Qt applications (Qt Widgets and Qt Quick) sandboxed in the Chrome browser. In this post I’ll talk about the background of native code on the web and how to get started with Qt.

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Moving Your UI Code Into The Future with Qt and C

In this blog post, I will look at ways to move outdated UI code into the 21st century, of course with a Qt focus, and based on KDAB’s more than 15 years of experience in migrations.

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