QMetaType knows your types

QMetaType is Qt's way to have run-time dynamic information about your types. It enables things such as QVariant wrapping of custom types, copy of queued connection arguments, and more.

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SailfisOs: WHATSUP is back and it brings TOHKBD support

WhatsUp, the Sailfish OS WhatsApp client, now can support landscape mode while running on a Jolla phone for it to be able to support TOHKBD, since the TOH is going to reach consumer’s hands really soon, as shown on the video below, recorded by HtheB:

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Qt on Android Episode 6

In the last Qt on Android episode we learned the basics of JNI on Android in a Qt way. In this episode I’d like to focus on tools that will help us to be more productive when we extend our Qt on Android applications.

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Sailfish OS Äijänpäivänjärvi (RC) disponibile

Oggi è stato rilasciata la versione early access di Äijänpäivänjärvi, build Tra le funzionalità, split keyboard in landscape, email push, modalità landscape nelle mappe e una differente animazione swipe.

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KDE Applications 15.04 Adds KDE Telepathy Chat and Kdenlive Video Editing

Today KDE released KDE Applications 15.04 our suite of 150 applications. Notable additions in this release include Kdenlive the leading video editor on Linux and KDE Telepathy the chat application to unify your instant messaging.

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Richard Stallman parlerà a Ivrea, Italy

Ivrea, Italy - Officina H, Polo universitario di Ivrea, Via Montenavale il 27 giugno 2015 dalle 09:30 AM alle 11:30 AM

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Qt Installer Framework 2.0 Released

We’re happy to announce version 2.0 of the Qt Installer Framework. The Qt Installer Framework is a set of tools to provide offline and online installers on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

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Thoughts about Meteor, React and ES6

How to wire ReactJS and MeteorJS together. I like to use the Meteor rendering library Blaze but it feels weird when you use it for nested components and it is sad that almost nobody use Blaze outside the MeteorJS world.

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Krunner – The birth of a cyborg

Krunner is exactly like that lovely, lovely 80s futuristic Dystopian sci-fi movie with Arnold and Jesse, except that is different in every single way.

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Embedded QML in qrc file

KDAB works on a lot of projects based on qml. But sometime for specific applications it’s not safe to store directly qml file on file system.

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