Are You a Linux Expert?

How well do you know Linus Torvalds' open source platform? Take the quiz to find out!

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Latest attacks on privacy

With the EU (in this case France and Germany) gearing up for another attack on privacy I'm quite happy and proud to have been part of the release of Nextcloud 10

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25 Best Known DevOps Tools that Commonly Used

DevOps can be simply defined as the practice of performing operations and development activities on a project.

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Telit LE920A4 now supported in Linux kernel

Two days ago Telit LE920A4 modem support in the option driver has been merged into master and should be available in the next rc version. The LE920A4 is an automotive grade LTE modem capable of 150 Mbps in downlink and 50 Mbps in uplink and full fallback compatibility with HSPA+, EDGE and GSM/GPRS.

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Kdenlive 16.08.0

Kdenlive 16.08.0 marks a milestone in the project’s history bringing it a step closer to becoming a full-fledged professional tool. The highlights of this release are:

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Introducing the Qt Lite project—Qt for any platform, any thing, any size

We believe in a future of great software and hardware, developed together, delivered quickly, and that you can have fun in the process. Embedded development should be just as simple as all other software development, and you should immediately see the result of your ideas running on your device

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What's New in Qt 5.7.0: Qt Gamepad

Qt Gamepad is a Qt module that supports the use of gamepad hardware.

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The Qt Quick Graphics Stack in Qt 5.8

This is a joint post with Andy. In this series of posts we are going to take a look at some of the upcoming features of Qt 5.8, focusing on Qt Quick.

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Cross-Compile: Configure QtCreator for Intel Edison

Since the Intel XDK environment is too heavy, and I like to use QtCreator, I will configure the Cross-Compile environment to use QtCreator like my editor. I will try in the future write Qt Applications and run them on the Edison, but that is a subject for an another post

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Support the Libre Tea Computer Card, a candidate for Respects Your Freedom certification

The Earth-friendly EOMA68 Computing Devices project is a crowdfunding campaign run on Crowd Supply to produce a line of hardware products that are ecologically responsible, and built based on royalty-free, unencumbered hardware standards.

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Collabora sta crescendo sempre di più, ma mi serve una mano per portare avanti i progetti e per rendere il sito sempre più bello e pieno di informazioni.

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