Top Secret - a game about the Snowden leaks

A fictional detective story overlaid on real world events, Top Secret’s branching narrative takes you into the heart of the NSA.

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Qt for Native Client (and emscripten)

Qt for Native client has been in development for a while, and I’m pleased to announce that the project again has reached working status: running Qt applications (Qt Widgets and Qt Quick) sandboxed in the Chrome browser. In this post I’ll talk about the background of native code on the web and how to get started with Qt.

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Moving Your UI Code Into The Future with Qt and C

In this blog post, I will look at ways to move outdated UI code into the 21st century, of course with a Qt focus, and based on KDAB’s more than 15 years of experience in migrations.

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It's Software Freedom Day!

This Saturday, September 19th, is the twelfth annual Software Freedom Day, an international celebration of our favorite thing: free software!

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How to securely erase a hard drive using Linux

Securely erasing a hard drive using Linux is a very easy task and can be done with a single line of code. The method can be used to erase any sort of storage medium which you can write data to.

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KDE Partition Manager

I am happy to announce that upcoming release of KDE Partition Manager is split into library (KPMcore) and GUI parts to allow other projects reuse partitioning code.

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Why V-Play Was the Best Choice to Make ‘Leap – Arcade: Retro Platformer!’

This guest post by Martin Gregory, an Indie developer from Australia was written while working on the platformer game ‘Leap – Arcade: Retro Platformer!’. He shares his process of finding the right game engine for a 2D platformer game and the development process that followed.

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184 Qt Libraries

We have collected 184 third party Qt libraries on Inqlude now. This is a pretty complete map of the Qt ecosystem, quite an impressive number, and lots of useful libraries extending Qt for many purposes.

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What about the low-cost Tablet Market?

Newcomers are not always the happiest guy…. This because not often there is not much room left by the first-comers that usually had the “good idea” and consequently became the market leaders. But sometimes things go differently. This is the case of low-cost tablet market where a big number of semi-unknown producers from Asia have been able to create good products at a very affordable price.

Qt 5.6 Alpha released

A couple of weeks ago, we took our first steps towards the Qt 5.6 release. One of the most important achievements was to put our new CI (continuous integration) system into use.

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