Introducing the Qt Quick 2D Renderer

When Qt Quick 2 was introduced with the release of Qt 5.0, it came with a minimum requirement of either OpenGL 2.0 or OpenGL ES 2.0.

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Fun with Android

Strangely, exactly five years ago I began another journey, on the same day I started the Qt on Android port

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Qt 5.5 enhancements for Linux graphics and input stacks

The upcoming Qt 5.5 has received a number of improvements when it comes to running without a windowing system on Linux.

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ToleranUX: Satirical Linux fork mocks calls for open source diversity

On Friday, following comments made by Linux legend Linus Torvalds about diversity in the open source development community, a new Linux fork went online at Github, apparently to mock diversity advocates.

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Open Source History, Or Why Sharing Trumps Proprietary Society

Copyright and legal restrictions surrounding the historical content of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speeches harm society in the same way as closed, proprietary software.

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Firefox KDE Wallet for KF5

I have a good news for Firefox and Plasma 5 users: I ported KDE Wallet password integration extension to KDE Frameworks 5!

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An Example of Rendering with Qt3D

In the previous article we learned about the requirements and high-level architecture of Qt3D 2.0. In order to put some of this into context and to give you a concrete example of how it looks to draw something in Qt3D using the QML API, we will now briefly show the important parts of one of the simple examples that will ship with Qt3D.

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Open-source 3D scans of museum items generate amazing new creative works

Artist Oliver Laric worked with the Usher Gallery and The Collection in Lincoln to create 3D scans of their collections, then made the files available online.

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Open Source Privacy Tools NSA Can't Crack: OTR, PGP, RedPhone, Tor And Tails

In a recent talk at the Chaos Communication Congress, Jacob Appelbaum, who is a core member of the Tor Project and is now working with Der Spiegel and Laura Poitras to analyze the Snowden documents, unveiled some documents showing which tools NSA couldn't crack.

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Meteor and Qt: match made in heaven

Meteor, say hello to cross-platform native app-development. Qt, say hello to a modern, reactive web back-end.

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