Writing QML based apps, the KDE way

This is an interesting transitional period in the Qt world for desktop applications. We are in the phase where QML is becoming better and better for the use in a Desktop context, even for full fledged applications.

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No love lost: Microsoft tries to block Linux on Windows machines

It looks like Microsoft's love for Linux is more like Mark Wahlberg's love for Reese Witherspoon as we saw in the movie Fear.

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Introducing video filters in Qt Multimedia

Qt Multimedia makes it very easy to get a video stream from the camera or a video file rendered as part of your application’s Qt Quick scene

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Qt 5.5 Alpha Available

Qt 5.5 is branched from dev and we now have the Alpha packages available. Main focus of Qt 5.5 is to polish and improve existing functionality, but as always there are also some new exciting features to talk about. With Qt 5.5, Canvas 3D is fully supported and a technology preview of long awaited Qt 3D is included. Qt 5.5 also introduces mapping support with a Qt Location technology preview. Qt 5.5 Alpha is the first step towards Qt 5.5 final release planned to be available in May.

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Hands on with Jolla phone running Sailfish OS 2.0

before watching this video I’ll have to point out that this is NOT anything final and it is definitely not the software that is going to hit your phones

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Watch Your Freedom (Because Apple's Not

With these products, Apple only invests more in its battle against computer user freedom and, by extension, "free speech, free commerce, free association, privacy, and technological innovation," said FSF executive director John Sullivan in a statement in September.

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Plasmoid Tutorial 3 - Blending In

Till now we have dealt with basic QtQuick Text items. Whilst they work, they will look out of place on a Plasma desktop. More importantly it's quite likely that you can get a situation where you can get black text on a black background, or another unreadable combination.

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Plasmoid Tutorial 2 - Getting Data

Almost all applets need to interact with external data sources and actions. This could be showing the current battery state, editing a file or in the case of our example monitoring and fetching an RSS feed.

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A QML Quick Reference

I put together a one page double-sided QML quick reference. ICS gave out hardcopies of the quick reference to Qt Developer Days 2014 attendees in Berlin and San Francisco. I recently updated it for the latest Qt 5.4.1 release.

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Video intervista a Marc Dillon con sorpresa finale

It’s almost after the buzz. The show went on for a few days, we were there, we tried to make the best out of it. everyone has covered the story of Jolla with their tablet, and I’m still in the middle of editing the sounds and video all together!

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