QtLocation reloaded

Once upon a time, back in the Qt 4 and QtMobility days, there used to be a Location API. Unfortunately, during the transition to Qt 5, this API never managed to get a complete port

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A small collection of Firefox add-ons that you can install to improve (a little bit) your privacy

When I read news and reports about modern spyware I am a little bit discouraged about my privacy. But I also think that something can always be done to improve privacy levels. This time I don’t want to talk about password strength but I will try to focus your attention on some Firefox add-ons can could positively impact on your privacy. The first is about Random Agent Spoofer that is able to obfuscate your computer configuration (better: identity) when you connect to a remote server = Internet. This add-on is really flexible and you will spend just a couple of minutes to decide what....

16 Great Sites Featuring Free Game Graphics for Developers

If you need some free graphics for your game, where do you look? Browsing through tilesets, textures and sprites can take up a lot of your time, time that could be used improving your game.

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New in Qt 5.5: Q_ENUM and the C tricks behind it

Qt 5.5 was just released and with it comes a new Q_ENUM macro, a better alternative to the now deprecated Q_ENUMS (with S). In this blog post, I will discuss this new Qt 5.5 feature; What it does, and how I implemented it.

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Qt Bluetooth and its state of the union

Even though a lot of Qt use cases are about creating user interfaces, Qt provides a diverse set of middle-layer APIs for non-GUI functionality. One of the younger middle-layer APIs in Qt is Qt Bluetooth. From its first release in Qt 5.2 onwards, it has grown and improved in every Qt release.

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16 siti che offrono suoni e musica per sviluppatori di giochi

Ogni gioco ha bisogno di effetti sonori e musica. Qui c'è una lista di 16 siti che offrono suoni e musica gratis per aiutarti a sviluppare il tuo prossimo gioco!

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Qt Input Method

What is an Input Method and what do we need it for?

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Openwashing And Other Deceptions In Linux

The times are changing for open/free/libre software and OSes, and what the words mean.

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Calamares 1.1-RC1

È uscita la versione 1.1-RC1 di Calamares, l'installer grafico comune a molte distribuzioni basate su KDE. Tutti i dettagli nell'articolo.

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Calligra 2.9.5 Released

We are pleased to announce that Calligra Suite, and Calligra Active 2.9.5 have just been released. This recommended update brings further improvements to the 2.9 series of the applications and underlying development frameworks

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