I Chromebook battono i notebook con windows

Curiosità: i chromebook vendono più dei notebook con windows e la microsoft sta attuando una campagna anti chromebook

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Indian mobile broadband clients can make Linux system vulnerable to attacks

If you’re using mobile broadband from Airtel, Vodafone or any other Indian mobile broadband service providers, it’s possible that you have installed their branded connectivity app on Linux. But did you know that installation of these binaries can put you to risk?

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Mostrare i processi che accedono a un file

A volte è utile conoscere i processi che stanno accedendo a un file. Per far questo usiamo lsof e fuser

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Improved App Development with V-Play Apps

When V-Play launched, the focus was on developing mobile games. Over time something unusual started to happen. Developers were using the V-Play Game Engine to develop their mobile apps as well. V-Play’s useful QML components and cross-platform compatibility allowed you to make apps and games in the fastest way possible.

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Implementing a new backend for Qt Purchasing

A bit more than a year ago, we released the Qt Purchasing module as part of our commercial offering. This module provides cross-platform APIs to enable in-app purchases in your application, and the current released version works together with the app store on iOS and the Google Play store on Android. Recently, however, we decided to release the module into open source under LGPLv3 in Qt 5.7,

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Using Qt with Alternative Programming Languages - Part 1

Most Qt developers use C (the language that Qt is written in), often in association with QML. There are however, other programming languages that can be used with Qt. In this blog post, we'll look at some of the alternative language options.

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Kartesio 1.0

Kartesio is a program I wrote in 2011 for calculating best fit curves from a set of points. Kartesio uses QCustomPlot widget to plot data, and Maxima to solve expressions.

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Qt NFC support for Android

In Qt 5.4 NFC support is restricted to Blackberry 10. After working on basic desktop support for Qt 5.5 through neard, basysKom decided to kick off NFC support for Android as well.

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QtLocation reloaded

Once upon a time, back in the Qt 4 and QtMobility days, there used to be a Location API. Unfortunately, during the transition to Qt 5, this API never managed to get a complete port

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A small collection of Firefox add-ons that you can install to improve (a little bit) your privacy

When I read news and reports about modern spyware I am a little bit discouraged about my privacy. But I also think that something can always be done to improve privacy levels. This time I don’t want to talk about password strength but I will try to focus your attention on some Firefox add-ons can could positively impact on your privacy. The first is about Random Agent Spoofer that is able to obfuscate your computer configuration (better: identity) when you connect to a remote server = Internet. This add-on is really flexible and you will spend just a couple of minutes to decide what....


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