Sage = how Firefox let you to easily read all the web feeds you prefer!

is a light but effective RSS reader for Firefox which lets you to
easily keep informed about your favorite web feeds. In particular, Sage
allows you to easily organize the information received simply using
Firefox. The Sage sidebar is intuitive and the options menu contains
all the common features for the best use of this particular add-on.
Moreover, the graphics is clear and pleasantly readable. Last but not
least, Sage
contains a dedicated option to import (or export) all your web feeds
using the OPML formatand a feed discover who allows you to find RSS simply typing a keyword. We suggest this specific add-on to all people
who do not want to use many program to manage their daily “internet

Scritto da Galigio, il 31-12-2007

Collabora sta crescendo sempre di più, ma mi serve una mano per portare avanti i progetti e per rendere il sito sempre più bello e pieno di informazioni.

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