Wayland update: ASCII Art rendering

without much further ado I’m happy to announce the caca platform for KWin:

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wayland kde iso live

This Wayland KDE ISO file includes the latest sources from Git master with KWin providing the Wayland compositor and built from a mix of Neon/Ubuntu/Kubuntu packages

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Varie applicazioni di Multimedia, Web, Games, Office e di Programming sono state fatte girare su Wayland. Ecco come è andata.

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First Plasma Wayland Live Image

The Plasma team has been working on an early Christmas present: a live image running Plasma on Wayland.

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Wayland 1.8.1

This is just a brown paper bag release. In rolling the wayland 1.8.0 distribution tarball some files were set to read-only. This rectifies that. There are no file content changes.

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Wayland cd live

Nuovo aggiornamento per il cd live di wayland, aggiornato a Wayland/Weston 1.8, utile per chi vuole sperimentare senza installare nulla.

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wayland 1.8.0

This is the official announcement for Wayland 1.8. Wayland 1.8 splits the client and server header files into core and generated protocol.

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Wayland & Weston 1.7.0 Release Brings Valentine's Love To The Linux Display Stack

Wayland 1.7.0 along with the reference Weston 1.7 compositor were released in the early hours of the morning as a great Valentine's Day gift to open-source users

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Wayland Live CD Updated With New Capabilities, A SDL2 Wayland Game

Rebecca Black OS creator and Phoronix reader "Nerdopolis" announced the new Live CD ISOs last night. The OS is now based on Ubuntu 14.10 while adding in Wayland/Weston 1.6 from Git. Also packaged now is SuperTux2, which was recently ported to SDL2, which allows it to natively run on Wayland.

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Libinput integration in kwin/waylan

Today I pushed my outstanding branch to get libinput support into kwin_wayland. Libinput is a very important part for the work to get a full Wayland session in Plasma which means we reached a very important milestone. As the name suggests it allows us to process input events directly.

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