Lo screenshot su wayland

Martin Gräßlin ci spiega in dettaglio le difficoltà incontrate per implementare lo screenshot su wayland e le differenze che ci sono rispetto al vecchio X11

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wayland 1.12.0

This is the official release of Wayland 1.12. Here is a brief run-down of a few of the main changes since 1.11.

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How to Run Wayland and Weston on Arch Linux

we are going to talk about the new windowing protocol for the Linux operating system, its name is Wayland

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Wayland 1.11

Wayland 1.11 is now available with support for proxy wrappers, improvements to the Wayland shared memory, language binding improvements, and various other updates to the Wayland specification.

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Wayland update: ASCII Art rendering

without much further ado I’m happy to announce the caca platform for KWin:

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wayland kde iso live

This Wayland KDE ISO file includes the latest sources from Git master with KWin providing the Wayland compositor and built from a mix of Neon/Ubuntu/Kubuntu packages

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Varie applicazioni di Multimedia, Web, Games, Office e di Programming sono state fatte girare su Wayland. Ecco come è andata.

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First Plasma Wayland Live Image

The Plasma team has been working on an early Christmas present: a live image running Plasma on Wayland.

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Wayland 1.8.1

This is just a brown paper bag release. In rolling the wayland 1.8.0 distribution tarball some files were set to read-only. This rectifies that. There are no file content changes.

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Wayland cd live

Nuovo aggiornamento per il cd live di wayland, aggiornato a Wayland/Weston 1.8, utile per chi vuole sperimentare senza installare nulla.

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